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This letter was sent to us after our last contribution to Operation Touch of Home:

Jess & Tessa (Operation Touch of Home),
About an hour ago I received one of your care packages. Usually, I coordinate with my girlfriend from back home to send me things I need. However, we didn’t plan on a care package nor was I expecting one, so this one caught me by surprise! I wanted to personally thank you both and your organization for sending me this wonderful care package!
It means a lot to me that people from my home state are thinking about us over here in Afghanistan. I really do appreciate the support! A lot of the items in the package we don’t have access to and seeing these items surely brightened my day! I read all the letters and cards from the thoughtful people of the community and local schools, and it provided me a nice escape from “life” here in Afghanistan. I currently have all the drawings and letters hanging up on my wall.
No matter how big or small the care package, it affects us in a huge way. These packages represent love and support. Sometimes that is all we need over here. The packages make our lives and morale so much better while deployed and help us get that much closer to coming home.
Thank you so much again! Keep doing what you’re doing! 
Warmest regards,
(soldiers name removed for security/privacy)

  July 2015  
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Swift River School offers a variety of workshops for families. Topics include academic and social curricula. The workshops develop a common language empowering all to be supportive contributors to the learning team.

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