Before and After School Program

The Enchanted Forest After School Program

Swift River School

Alyssa Frey, Director




Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday             3:00-5:30 PM         $6/hr
     $15 Full Day

Wednesday and early dismissal days           1:00-5:30 PM          $6/hr
      $27 Full Day

Mornings                                                          7:20-8-20 AM          $6/day


Drop-in Rate: $7 per hour on a space and staff availability basis. Please call ahead.

Payment: Invoices will be sent home twice a month. Checks should be made payable to Swift River School. Children may be excluded from Enchanted Forest if payments are five weeks or more in arrears. No refunds are given for prepaid special activities.


Closing Time: We close promptly at 5:30 PM. If you are late picking up your child, the Enchanted Forest charges $1 per minute for every minute after 5:35 PM. Repeated late pick ups may result in exclusion of your child from the Enchanted Forest.


  Snow Days and other Unscheduled Changes (including delayed openings):  The Enchanted Forest is closed when the school is closed, and we do not charge for those times.


Parent/Teacher Conference Days: Enchanted Forest will be open from 1:10-5:30 PM.


Snacks & Breakfast: The Enchanted Forest provides a basic, healthy after-school snack. We do not provide breakfast. Breakfast in available in the classroom at 8:20 AM.


Morning Program: The morning Enchanted Forest program will be open only if students are registered to attend.  To register please complete the attached registration form.


Sign In/Out: An adult must come into Enchanted Forest to pick up your child. That adult should sign in with the time of drop off (in the morning) or the time of pick up (in the afternoon).


Homework: The Enchanted Forest provides time in the afternoon program for children to do homework or read. Children who do not have homework are expected to read or look at books during the 20-minute homework period. If you prefer that your child not do homework during Enchanted Forest, please send a note with that information. Your child will be expected to read during that time.


Scholarships:  A limited number of scholarships are available for income-eligible families. Please make sure you have returned a completed free/reduced lunch application in order to be eligible for a scholarship. You must request a scholarship directly from the Director; this request must be made each year.

Download registration form
Download parent info form